Vertebrate Exhibition

When you visit the exhibition, you can see more than 200 vivid animal specimens which have been preserved properly with plastination technique and have been shaped into all kinds of postures and put into lively and natural surroundings. Such as the ostrich has been shaped into a running one, just like an alive one running in the vast unpopulated plains; the king of macaques is sitting on a big tree, just as commanding or instructing others; the lovely penguin is swearing, maybe he is praying for a warmer winter. And parts of skin has been removed from these specimens just to reveal the inter structures of their bodies. Watching them, you can know why the bear can keep body temperatures and why the python can swallow foods bigger than its head and why the ostrich is the biggest bird in the world but can’t fly.


800-1500 square meters


Discover the internal structure and external form of Vertebrates and insprie the thinking of evolutionism and creationism.